Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yoron Island: Day 1

Preparing to board the Coral Queen
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Last week, Memorial Day Weekend, three friends (Nefredia Covington, Kelly Vought, and Daniel Murphy) and myself took the ferry north of Okinawa to Yoron Island where we spent the better part of four days and weathered a really good typhoon.  I blogged about those adventures as they occurred at and now I am finally following up with photos on this blog.  Enjoy the photos, and if you want more specifics about the trip, stop over at The Ramble and see what I had to say there.

The ferry is actually about the size of a small cruise ship, and although Yoron is the first stop north of Okinawa, the ferry runs to several other islands and goes almost as far as mainland Japan.  I definitely want to ride it further and do more exploring in "the Japans" next time.
Murphy surveys the Port of Motobu.  Actually he was
watching some pigs being loaded into the
cargo hold.

Rows of cots and blankets for  travelers to nap during
the voyage.
We traveled on Friday morning, had a nice island lunch with new friends (the Yoron angels) at noon, explored around our hotel Friday and Saturday, did a rental car tour of the island on Saturday, and hunkered down for the storm Saturday night.  Nefredia and I rented bicycles Sunday morning and rode around looking at storm damage.  That afternoon the four of us did another car tour of the island.  We walked some beautiful beaches, and I came home with a big bag of very colorful sea glass - much more striking than what I find on Okinawa.  Monday we spent the whole day relaxing and waiting for the ferry which did not come until after six in the evening.

The Professor and Mary Ann (Murphy and Kelly) enjoy
a snuggle on the top deck.
Tuesday morning we were back at work!
Our Yoron angels!

A beach on Yoron where sea turtles come to lay and bury
their eggs on full moon nights.

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