Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Day on the East China Sea

A larger boat being hauled out of the water.
The crew of a dragon boat hauls it ashore
Our boat preparing to be launched.
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

My friends Daniel and Kelly and I spent yesterday learning how to operate and navigate a small boat on the East China Sea.  The morning was dedicated to an outdoor class where we learned some marine basics and received information about the fourteen miles of Okinawan coastline that we would be allowed to navigate.  The afternoon was actually focused on learning how to operate our watercraft - a twenty-foot fishing boat with a 70 horsepower Yamaha outboard motor.

Our instructor, Chiaki Maekawa
It was fun in the sun all day long!

We took our lessons at Kadena Marnia which is a government run facility close to Kadena Air Base, yet it is open to Japanese nationals as well as to Americans.  The Marina is where people go who want to become certified divers, as well as learn how to snorkel and operate a variety of watercraft.  There was a large diving class sitting next to us in the morning as we received our formal "schooling," and in the afternoon another large group was in the water learning to snorkel close to where the boats were tied up.

Daniel's turn to drive!
Individuals on Okinawa who own boats can also keep them at the Marina.

Chiaki and Kelly while our anchor is dropped.
A whole day of fun plus a great lunch at the Marina!  What a perfect day!

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