Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Typhoon that Won't Stop!

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Saturday  morning shortly after 7:00 a.m. - and still Typhoon Muifa continues to roar past my sixth floor apartment.  Just heard on the radio that we are still at TCCOR 1:  Emergency.  To call the winds from last night "ferocious" would be serious understatement!  And yet a few little cars continue to putt up and down Highway 58!

I have weathered several typhoons now, and Muifa is by far the most aggressive.

Okinawa (and all of Japan, for that matter) has been built up with typhoons and earthquakes in mind.  There are no super-skyscrapers, and the buildings are solid.  The three tremors that I have felt in my apartment building over the course of the past year have been relatively slight.   And the buildings are tight - leaks never seem to be an issue.

The winds are howling,the rain is coming down in sheets, and I am going back to bed!

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