Friday, November 25, 2011

Guam Day 2: The Marina

A few boas at the marina
by Pa Rock
World Traveler

More boats at the small marina
A few miles south of Fish-Eye we came upon a small marina.  Valerie wanted to look at the boats and I wanted to capture some local color with my small camera.  While we were there, Valerie struck up a conversation with a fellow named Mike who had a large boat and took tourists out on excursions.  That afternoon he was planning to take a group out to watch dolphins playing in the blue Pacific.  Valerie asked Mike if we could take pictures of his boat. Later he asked me if we were from a magazine.  "No," I admitted grudgingly.  "We are just garden variety tourists!"

Valerie aboard Mike's boat
Captain Mike and Valerie
As you can see, the day was gorgeous!  

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