Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Solitude of Torii Beach

Local Fisherman
by Pa Rock

The weather today is overcast and cool, a perfect day to be alone on the beach!

Torii Beach is a stretch of sand on the East China Sea about a mile in length that is located at the U.S. Army Base called Torii Station.  It is a good place to walk in solitude and explore among the many curiosities washed ashore by the continual surf.  Torii Beach is probably close to a mile in length, and today I walked it all - quite alone.  In fact, I had the entire beach to myself.

Well, there was one native fisherman working the beach.  A solid white cat that regarded me curiously, but would spring away whenever I wandered too close.  The cat appeared to be very well fed, so I am supposing that he has a talent for working the tidal pools.

The East China Sea at Torii Beach, Okinawa.
Why does my shutter keep trying to close?
This outing provided me with a few unique shells as well as a nice pile of sea glass.  I am very  picky about the glass that I collect, throwing anything that is the least bit shiny back into the surf for more sanding and splashing by Mother Nature.

Okay, Midwesterners, enjoy the pictures - and then get back to shoveling your snow!

Today's Haul of Sea Glass

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