Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Night on the Beach

by Pa Rock
Cultural Observer

From Left:  Nefredia, Kelly, Daniel, Leni, Me, Valerie, 
Gary, Carolyn, and Ron
Friends and I spent yesterday evening strolling along Araha Beach, gathering for dinner at a Nepalese Restaurant, and then returning to the beach to watch a fireworks display.  The beach was packed with kids, sun worshipers, jugglers, and drunks who all seemed to fold into a  pleasant mosaic of humanity.   The breeze off of the East China Sea was far more intoxicating than the ice chests full of Bud Lite that the young servicemen and their tattooed girlfriends were toting up and down the sandy shore - but that is a type of appreciation that undoubtedly comes with age!
A local restaurant
Bartender jugglers on the beach

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