Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Week on the Island

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

My youngest, Tim, and his beautiful wife, Erin, were supposed to be on Okinawa this week.  Their plan was to stay from last Saturday through this past Friday, and then fly on to Tokyo for a weekend in the big city.  But then the earthquake and tsunami happened, and plans changed.

Erin is pregnant and did not want to risk the weekend in Tokyo do to the radiation scare - and the airlines wanted as much to alter their tickets than they cost in the first place.  So now they have credits that are good for a year.

I miss my family terribly and wish that someone could visit, but that just doesn't seem to be happening.   The earthquake and tsunami seemed to take the shine off of Japan.  That's a pity.  Okinawa literally was not affected by the disaster.

But things happen for a reason, I suppose.  This week we had two solid days of rain, and I am suffering from multiple ailments - my shoulder pain remains, though it is getting better one month on, and I have had a serious hacking cough all week that is also finally starting to get better.  So all in all, it probably wasn't the best week for company.

Yesterday I went back for my second session with Robert, the massage therapist.  Just about everyone where I work uses his services, and I believe that he is the reason that my shoulder is finally showing some improvement.  I went to the gym later, but the treadmill aggravated my hacking cough so much the whole place began looking at me like I was carrying the plague.  I left after five minutes.

Today I had to get out, so I headed to Torii Beach where I bagged some sea glass and a few odd shells.  The beach was great - not many people,  and I was able to cough and spit at will!  Tomorrow friends and I have plans to take the ferry to Ie Island - the place where famous World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed by a Japanese sniper.  There is an Easter Lily festival on Ie Island this week.

But the forecast is calling for rain...

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