Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend On Tokashiki Island

A mango ice drink and the sidewalk artisan who made it!

Okinawan mother and daughter enjoying the ferry
ride to Tokashiki.
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Friends and I spent a nice holiday weekend on Tokashiki, a small, populated island about an hour-and-a-half ferry ride from Okinawa.  And although the distance was relatively short, it was like stepping into another world. The island is comprised of several very large hills surrounded by a shoreline of breath-taking beaches.  We stayed at the island's only hotel, Marine Village, but there were also guesthouses and campgrounds for the fun-seeking holiday travelers.

The ferry's crew preparing to dock at Tokashiki.
Most of the recreating on Tokashiki centers on the sea, with boating, diving, and snorkeling being the main activities for tourists.  I managed to get sunburned before the boat even arrived on the island, so I didn't play in the water, but I did walk some beaches and did a lot of reading - which is how I usually relax.  My traveling companions all snorkeled and came back with stories of colorful fish and sea turtles.

There were lots of other Americans on Tokashiki this weekend, and we saw several people that we knew from Kadeena.  The trip to Tokashiki was a very nice way to close out the summer.

One of many small, uninhabited islands that surround
Valerie descending the slide from hell!
My butt still hurts!
A view from our hotel room.
Your sun-drenched blogger.
The closest I got to a sea turtle!
Enjoy the photos.  More will follow over the next few days.

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