Monday, September 12, 2011

Scenes Along Highway 58

A large tow truck
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Last week as Valerie drove our little group south to catch the ferry for Tokashiki Island, the traffic was heavy and we tended to do quite a bit of starting and stopping.  To keep from being bored, I started taking pictures of various buildings and street scenes from the car window.  This is Okinawa as it looks heading toward Naha.  I was facing the east side of the highway.

Random street scene
Blue Seal Ice Cream - very good and very common on the
A Pachinko Parlor - also very common on Okinawa
KFC first appeared on Okinawa when I was here originally
 -  nearly 40 years ago.
The only other fast food on the island at that time was
A&W Root Beer.

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