Monday, October 24, 2011

Bar District Near Camp Hansen

Here's the picture.  You supply the
thousand words!
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer 

Last evening friends and I went to dinner at the Golden Hall, a very nice restaurant/art gallery near the main gate to Camp Hansen.  A post of that experience will follow.  While we were waiting to go into the restaurant, we took a walk about through the small streets that comprise the obligatory bar district adjacent to the Marine Corps base.  Almost all military bases have these types of neighborhoods within walking distance, giving the young service people interesting ways in which to become parted from their money.  (The name of the community is "Kin.")

This was Sunday afternoon, so there weren't too many off-duty marines or street walkers in evidence, but the same few blocks were undoubtedly rollicking the night before.

Signs of Renovation

Two bars, Cheers and Club Shangri-la.

Pachinko Parlor in the village of Kin

Some Marine-proof local housing.

Another bar.

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