Sunday, October 23, 2011

Okinawa from the Air

by Pa Rock
Murphy, Valerie, and Me - and the plane we rode in.
Flying Fool

Yesterday Valerie and Murphy and I toured Okinawa from the air in a small airplane that was owned by the Air Force and maintained by the base flying club.  Our pilot, Ryan, is an air traffic controller for the Air Force when he is not taking tourists through the friendly skies above Okinawa.

Small agricultural island off of the coast
We had some great views of the waters around Okinawa and saw many boats and even a few para-gliders.  The islands just off shore gave us many ideas of places that we would like to visit.  The sky was blue and so were the waters lapping up along the shores of this island that we call home.

I think that the most startling revelation that I had was just how large Naha has become.  Forty years ago I could have found my way anyplace in the capital city with relative ease.  Today I would not even attempt a trip through the city without a navigator sitting in the passenger seat ready to assist with directions.

Enjoy the photos!

A bit of Naha from the air.
Our pilot, Ryan, refueling the plane after our tour.

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