Wednesday, July 28, 2010

By the Seashore, By the Beautiful Sea!

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer
I have been on this lovely island six days, and in that time I have seen the ocean at a distance on several occasions. There doesn't seem to be a lot of surf, but a friend explained yesterday that surf here is somewhat seasonal, and there are times when it really rages. I remember some of the storms that came in from sea when I was here before, and I am eager to experience that raw power of nature again.

There are some beaches on the island that offer quite respectable surfing conditions, but don't look for me on a surfboard anytime soon!

I was in an orientation class for newcomers to the island today. Several leisure activities involving the sea were discussed. Diving is apparently great here, and several of my friends have taken diving lessons and become certified. That is not something that appeals to me, but I do plan on snorkeling - which I enjoy, and which I hear is great along the coast of Okinawa. I want to experience the ocean by taking boat tours to a couple of the smaller islands in the area, including Ie Shima where Ernie Pyle was killed during World War II, and I also plan to go out on a deep-sea fishing excursion.

There are several military resorts along the Okinawan coast. One of my new friends at work said that he and his family never miss an opportunity to stay at one of these beachfront getaways.

Okinawa is roughly eight miles wide and sixty miles long. It is hard to be anyplace on this island where you can't see the ocean of feel its presence.

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