Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to the Okinawan Experience

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer
Somehow I managed to lose my original entry into this blog, an entry that was posted on July 24th, 2010, with a title the same as the one above. I must have accidentally deleted it. Stuff happens, especially when you are old!

I wanted the original post to be dated July 24th, because that was my oldest son's 37th birthday, and that son, Nick, was born on Okinawa. We left when he was two-months-old, and this is my first trip back since that time. An old family joke is that we wanted to get off of the island before the local nationals began referring to him as "Nick-san," a dirty word in certain circles at that time!

This blog, as I mentioned in the original post, will serve as a collection point for all that I learn and see while on the island this time. I have begun taking photographs and will hopefully learn how to incorporate them into the blog. I also plan to get out and travel around the Far Est while I am here, and will share those experiences in this space also.

So, "welcome" again. Hopefully this time I won't screw up and delete your invitation to join me as I explore Okinawa and the Orient!

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