Monday, January 2, 2012

Vietnam 2: A Few Saigon Day Scenes

Me leaving the hotel the first morning
by Pa Rock

Here are a few scenes from our first morning in Saigon.  As you can see, it is a large, modern city.  Many of the houses and apartment buildings are very narrow - sort of like the famous "shotgun houses" of New Orleans.

Entrance to Asian Ruby Hotel
Our first day was extremely busy.  We visited the Viet Cong tunnel complexes at Cu Chi, the Chinese Market, the Presidential Palace, the Saigon Post Office, and Notre Dame Cathedral.  Pictures of those places will follow on later posts.
Christmas Tree at Asian Ruby Hotel
in Saigon.

A Saigon Street
Normal street traffic!
Load of beams for construction.
Street scene:  An apartment house
View from our hotel dining room in Saigon

A view of downtown Saigon

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