Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vietnam 12: Hoi An, the Silk Trade

Thousands of tiny silk worms chow down on
mulberry leaves.
by Pa Rock

After lunch we headed off into the old town part of Hoi An.  One of our first stops was at a silk shop where we saw displays of thousands of very young silk worms eating mulberry leaves, the silk cocoons being spun out into silk thread, silk thread being woven into material, and finished suits, dresses, and lanterns.  The process was enthralling, and the finished products were beautiful!

Silkworm Life Cycle

Silkworm larvae from which silk thread is spun
Lady explaining silk processes
Rug being made on a loom
Silk Chinese lanterns
Silk suits on display
And silk dresses!
Choose your material and style - clothing ready
in 24 hours!
Ladies making garments.
Some more lanterns
More lanterns and rugs
And more clothing!

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