Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vietnam 10: More Scenes from Atop Marble Mountain

A refreshment area with souvenirs and drinks
by Pa Rock

Once I felt like we must certainly be on top of the mountain, I was loathe to discover more stairs everywhere I turned.  We stepped into several caverns which were homes to Buddhist shrines, but most were too dark to accommodate my little pocket camera.  Eventually, however, we made it to the absolute top of Marble Mountain.  I was glad to have been able to have made the climb, but it is one adventure that I definitely will not be repeating!

More steps leading into a cavern and shrine
A view of the famous China Beach
From just below the peak of Marble Mountain!
View of the treacherous descent
from the peak.
Murphy wanders into another cavern
Small shrine in a cavern.
A more ornate shrine.
A bit of solace on Marble Mountain.
Some rugged scenery heading down.

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