Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morning Walk to the Subway Station

by Pa Rock
Young model being photographed - even by me!
World Traveler

Daniel had rejoined our group the next morning when we set off for the subway station which was a few blocks from our hotel.  Our ultimate destination was the riverfront area of Taipei, which would include a ride on the subway followed by a rather long walk.  These first few shots are of our walk to the station.

One of the first sights that we came across was a gaggle of photographers taking pictures of a young model who was posing up against a closed store front.  Judging from the number of photographers, she was probably somebody fairly famous - just not to us.
A young man who was out early
Another American icon
Street ad - metal clips!
And ants!  Much of the street advertising
was quite erotic.
Valerie and Murphy prepare to enter the subway station
A shop in the subway complex
The subway exit

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