Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big John and Bessie

Pa Rock, Big John, and Bessie
by Pa Rock

We pulled off of the highway to visit what remains of an old Spanish fort that we had missed on our first tour of Guam.  The fort sits on a promontory that hangs out over the Pacific Ocean, but the grounds also include a large, open park that leads up to the fort.   Many locals and a few Americans were at the park enjoying the holiday weekend.

Valerie goes for a little ride
One local Chamorro gentleman, Big John, was at the park with four water buffaloes, three adults and a calf.  He was entertaining on-lookers by letting them sit on his main bovine, Bessie.  Some of the buffalo riders were quite young, while others weren't.

As we arrived at the park and got out of our borrowed car, Valerie set off in a beeline for the water buffaloes and I followed dutifully behind.  As we neared Big John, she began to ask quite loudly, "Can he sit on it?"  Meaning me.  "Can he sit on it?"

Get me off of this water buffalo!
Although I was more than adequately reluctant, Big John easily got me onto his critter.  After leading me around for awhile, it was Valerie's turn.   Her sense of humor quickly faded as she got seated on Bessie.  Later Big John showed Valerie how to feed Bessie mangoes - mouth-to-mouth!

Okinawa just doesn't have this level of culture!

Guess which one dropped the mango!
Okay, how do you start her up?
Water buffalo calf
Another water buffalo - without the nose ring

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