Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Beach at Inarajan

He flies through the air...
by Pa Rock

As Valerie and I continued our drive around the southern coast of Guam, we came to the beach at Inarajan, an idyllic spot that we had discovered during our first visit to the small island over Thanksgiving.  This holiday weekend, Memorial Day, was warmer, and consequently there were  more people making use of the beach.

Valerie immediately discovered a mangy and obviously mistreated one-eyed dog, and being the softie for animals that she is, she marched across the street to the Inarajan Market and bought the poor mongrel a bag of dried dog food which she and several G.I.'s began to feed to the skittish creature.

This kid was an amazing diver!
One of the things that I enjoyed at the beach that afternoon was watching some Chamorro kids who were jumping and diving from a cement platform into the blue waters below.  I managed to get two good shots of one young man, somewhere around the age of fourteen, as he showed off his diving abilities.

The day continued to be sunny and pleasant.

A peaceful afternoon
The market at Inarajan
The stray eats the food that Valerie provided
A young G.I. tries to get close to the dog
This young lady kept buzzing the beach on her motorbike

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