Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fort Nuestra de la Soledad

Welcome to Fort Soledad!
by Pa Rock

After leaving Big John and Bessie to tend to the smaller tourists, we walked on up the hill to the remains of Fort Soledad, an old Spanish outpost overlooking the blue Pacific.  Not much remains of the old fort, just a low wall or two, a couple of enclosures for guards, and three cannons pointing out to sea.  While there is not much left of the fort, the views across the bay and out to sea were magnificent.

Enjoy the day, as we did!

A Catholic church across the bay
A stone walk winding through the grounds of the fort
A brief history of Fort Soledad
One of the few structures remaining
at the fort
Cannons stand ready to defend the fort
A view back from the cannons
Insignia on one of the cannons
A basement or cellar
A section of the fort's foundation
Valerie walking the wall
Another view of the bay
A room with a view!

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