Friday, December 3, 2010

Cooler Days

Fighter Plane from Korean War
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Today it was significantly cooler on Okinawa, undoubtedly a forerunner of the mild Okinawan winter.  I don't have the official reading, but my guess is that the temperature topped out at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.   There was also a nice cool breeze.

Big Guns and Rocketry from Korean War
Attached are another installment of Korean pictures.  These are from the Korean War Memorial which is located just down the road (less than two blocks) from the Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul.  The memorial is actually a museum with exhibits of various types of planes, rockets, boats, and trucks outside, and displays and dioramas throughout the interior of the large building.  It focuses on all wars in which Korea played a role.  More will follow over the next day or two.
Truck Specially Equipped to Load Planes During
the Korean War
"Semi-Submarine" Used by North Korean Guerillas in an
Attempt to Slip into Busan Harbor on 3 Dec 1983

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