Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday at the Office

The Shopette at Camp Foster
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Today I did something that I am not proud of - I actually went into my office on a Sunday and got a little work done.  I am so against giving up my weekend time that I have, on occasion, even ridiculed co-workers who slip into the office on weekends to play catch-up.  I will definitely not be making a habit of that odious practice!

I began the day making a run to the Shopette on Camp Foster where I gave in and purchased one of their grossly over-priced poinsettias to spruce up my office for the holidays.  After taking the flower to its intended location, I thought "What the Heck?" and did a little work since I was there anyway.
My Office.  See the New Flower!

The flower is nice - the work wasn't!
The Mental Health Building at Kadena Where My
Office is Located

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