Monday, February 14, 2011

The 69 Beach Club

Choose your bar food carefully!
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Saturday after my friends and I visited the Cherry Blossom Festival at Mt. Yae, we headed out for lunch at the 69 Beach Club, a very remote and very unique eating establishment that Ron had somehow run across during his treks up and down the island.  The Club is nowhere near a beach, although it does offer a distant view of the East China Sea from it's hilltop location.

69 Beach Club restrooms - with showers!
My buddy - weeds in one end, nannie berries out
the other!
A treehouse - for your dining pleasure!
The 69 Beach Club is, in fact, really out in the boonies on an unpaved road that could be more accurately described as a trail.  It is a complex of odd little buildings, tree houses, and tents.  The main dining area is in a tent and frame structure where most of the food is actually prepared.  There are also some areas to eat outside, including two nice tree houses.  Other amenities include a riding stable with horses, some little goats, and a few chickens.

It made me very homesick for Rock's Roost back in the Ozarks!

Enjoy the photos!

(l to r)  Daniel, Kelly, Ron, and Valerie waiting for the grub!

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