Monday, February 21, 2011

The Korean Royals Take a Stroll

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Here come the Royals!  Here come the Royals!
I was treated to a surprise bit of Korean culture this Saturday while waiting for my plane at the Incheon Airport. As I was strolling through the duty free shops, I suddenly became aware of a parade of sorts taking place in the large walkway between the rows of shops.  The parade included twenty or so individuals in historical costumes, some carrying large canopy umbrellas and others armed with deadly oriental swords.  I learned later from a lady at the Korean Cultural Center that the event was the royal family out for a stroll.  She was quick to add in broken English that it was not the "real royal family!"  Attached are some shots of the royals hoofing it across the Incheon terminal.
From the back of the Royal procession

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