Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend at the Hospital

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

My good friend and co-worker, Daniel Murphy, was taken to the hospital by ambulance Friday afternoon from work after becoming suddenly ill.  Our friend Kelly and I showed up at the emergency room and were eventually let in to see Murphy after doctors finished running tests on him.  His exact malady is still unknown, but the encounter proved to be non-life-threatening and he was released this afternoon.

Kelly and I spent most of the weekend sitting in Murphy's room at Lester Naval Hospital and watching him sleep.    It was the most time that I had spent there since my oldest son, Nick, was born in that same building more than thirty-seven years ago.  It was called Camp Kue Army Hospital then.

Murphy is on the mend, but the old hospital unfortunately is not.  A new one is being built at the Camp Foster, a marine base, and Lester Naval Hospital will be vacated.  One of the corpsmen there today said that it will probably be turned over to the Okinawans who may bulldoze the entire complex to make way for new buildings.

Progress, I guess.

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