Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ie Shima: Atsuko's Students

by Pa Rock
Two little girls arriving at the community center for
their English class
Island Hopper

The first place that we went on Ie Shima was to the community center where Valerie's Okinawan friend, Atsuko, teaches English to small children every Saturday morning.  That day she incorporated the three of us into her learning program - and we each got to "interview" the children as a prelude to their being allowed into the learning area.  At the end of the interview, each child had to ask, "May I please come in."  It was great fun, and the kids seemed to enjoy it almost as much as we did!

The stage in the community center
Young boy ready to learn English
Atsuko teaching her group with Valerie looking on
"Please may I come in?"
Murphy patiently awaits his turn to interview
"How did you get here today?"  "By car."
Such sweet children!
And the class ends with exercise!

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