Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ie Shima: The Ride Over

by Pa Rock
Our departure port of Motobu
Island Hopper

Valerie, Murphy, and I spent the day of January 14, 2012, on the small Japanese island of Ie Shima which is located just off the coast of Okinawa.  It is a very flat island except for one large, incongruous hill called Mt. Gusuku.   Although most of Ie Shima is farm land, there is also a town on the island and a couple of airstrips.  Ie Shima is most noted as the place where American journalist Ernie Pyle was killed by a sniper in World War II.

Japanese students waiting to disembark at Ie Shima
There are only two ways to get to Ie Shima (besides swimming) - fly in or take the ferry that runs a couple of times a day.  Valerie and I flew over the island once last fall and got to see it in detail from the air, but this time we opted to take the ferry.   The drive to the Okinawan port of Motobu takes about twice as long as the actual boat ride to the island.   We left Valerie's car at Motobu and rented one on Ie Shima.  It was a great way to get around and we managed to see much of what the small island has to offer in just one day.

People disembarking at Ie Shima
Valerie and Murphy heading into the port building at
Ie Shima
Our ferry being off-loaded
Some propped-up palm trees at the Ie Shima port
Picking up our rental car before heading out to
see the island

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