Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vietnam 35: The Vietnamese Military Museum

The actual tank that crashed through the gates of the
Presidential Palace in Saigon in 1975
Sculpture of combat scrap
by Pa Rock
World Traveler

Our final stop during the daylight hours was at the Vietnamese Military Museum.  Most of the displays dealt with the war against the United States, and some of the exhibits were captured American vehicles and aircraft.  The focal point of the museum was a large pile of assorted scrap metal from the war that was shaped into a tower about thirty feet in height.  There was also an observation tower on the grounds, but my legs were hurting too much to make that effort.

Young couple viewing the scrap sculpture

Close up of part of the scrap sculpture
Another view of the sculpture
Metal sculpture of a Vietnamese soldier dancing
Captured American helicopter
American fighter plane
Vietnamese rocket on a launcher
The observation tower behind a jet bomber
A closer view of the observation tower
Propaganda sculpture
Bronze of a young combatant

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