Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vietnam 21: Thien Dinh Palace and Emperor's Tomb

by Pa Rock
The long climb up to the palace

After my fall at the private family shrine, the last thing that I wanted to encounter was more stairs, but, of course, that was not to be.  Our first official stop in Hue was at the Thien Dinh Palace and tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh - and the stairs ascended almost literally to the heavens!

The palace guards
Emperor Khai Dinh, the eleventh of twelve emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty, was installed into office by the French colonial government in Vietnam and maintained his title until his death at the age of forty in 1925.  He was not popular with the peasants, especially after raising taxes on them to benefit their French masters and to build his lavish tomb which is located within the palace.

The palace is beautiful!

Another view of the palace guards

Inside of the palace looking out
Our guide ponders a bit of history
One of the landings
Emperor Khai Dinh's tomb
Photo of the young Emperor
Some intricate art work
More mosaic art
The young Emperor at work
A statue of the Emperor

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