Friday, February 3, 2012

Vietnam 17: China Beach and a Few Photos from the Road

The wild waters of China Beach
by Pa Rock

Our next day began with a drive to the China Beach where we disembarked from our vehicle and walked along the famous beach that provided rest and recreation to so many American G.I.'s during the Vietnam War.  It was a chilly and overcast morning, and there weren't many people out watching the wild surf as it rolled up onto the beach.

Another view of the surf
After leaving the beach, we headed out to the ancient capital of Hue.  There are two ways to reach Hue from Da Nang by car.  One is through a long tunnel, and the other is to drive over the mountains.  We opted for the latter - and the scenery was beautiful!

China Beach
A few tourists stroll along the beach
An old boat rests beside China Beach
On down the road - a colony of boats

Still more boats in the bay

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