Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vietnam 28: The Road to Halong Bay

Some tall, narrow housing.  This style is common in
the northern part of Vietnam
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

We left Hanoi early on our first morning there for a road trip of about four hours to the beautiful Halong Bay.  While en route we stopped once for gasoline, and also made a pit stop at a large roadside establishment that sold food and drinks and employed many people making art and marble and cement statuary.  Here are a few views of the drive north.

Our guide at the gas station.  Note construction in
Ladies doing embroidery
Marble statuary at the rest stop

Marble lion

Marble Buddha oversees the plowing
Roman charioteer
Murphy taking pictures along the way
Street scene near Halong Bay
Another street scene
Playboy store?  And they say this is a communist
Sylvan dell

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