Friday, February 3, 2012

Vietnam 19: Out of the Mountains

The river at the foot of the mountains.
by Pa Rock

Coming out of the mountains we came to a beautiful spot along a river where cars and buses were pulled over to allow tourists the opportunity to walk around and take a few pictures.  Several young entrepreneurs were weaving among the tourists selling packets of postcards.

Our guide taking in the view
Further along we pulled over to take a few shots of some water buffalo walking through a rice paddy.  Our guide led us across the highway there to a small group of houses.  He wanted to show us one with a plaque on the front door that stated the house was built by the Vietnamese government for a widow who had lost her only son in the war.  A group of children ran out from the house next door and entertained themselves by telling me "hello" numerous times!

A couple of roadside goats

And roadside water buffalo.  There is a small one
in the back wearing a rain slicker!
Water buffalo

House built by Vietnamese government for a widow
who lost her only son in the war
Happy children rush out of their house to talk
to Americans
Another house (two-story) in the neighborhood
Murphy and our guide walking along the muddy path.
Another roadside attraction
Small store with Vietnamese flag flying overhead

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