Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Olive at Araha Beach

Baby Olive on Pa Rock's living room floor
by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

Baby Olive and her parents went for a stroll along Araha Beach this morning with Pa Rock.  Pa Rock lives very close to Araha Beach which is on the East China Sea.  We also visited a local grocery and department store, and a McDonald's.  Olive's parents stepped inside of a Pachinko Parlor to see what it was like, but Olive and Pa Rock stayed outside because Pachinko Parlors are very smokey.

This afternoon we went to Camp Foster and did some shopping at the PX, and then we went to American Village where Olive's mother got to eat some fresh sushi.

Baby Olive made new friends everywhere we went.  She is very popular with Japanese women.  Pa Rock thinks that they are jealous of her red hair and blue eyes!

Ready for a stroll along the beach
We had a very nice day and didn't have to spend it riding around in Pa Rock's little car.  The weather was beautiful!

Young people practicing soccer on Araha Beach
Walking the beach
More walking the beach
It was a very long beach!
All of us in front of the entrance to Araha Beach
Baby you can drive my car!
But I don't want a hamburger!
It says McDonald's in Dyslexia!
Did he just call me a hound dog?
Waiting at the Visitor's Gate to get onto
Camp Foster

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