Sunday, April 22, 2012

More from Taiwan: Chih Nan Temple

by Pa Rock
World Traveler

Pagoda on a small lake at dusk

My postings on our trip to Taiwan were interrupted so that I could post the pictures from Baby Olive's trip to Okinawa.  But now that little Olive and her parents are back home in the United States, I will resume putting up photos of the trip the Valerie, Murphy, and I took to Taiwan over President's Day weekend.

The last set posted showed our trip up into the hills above Taipei on a gondola.  On our way down the mountain, we exited early and visited the beautiful Chih Nan Temple and Taisui Shrine.  It was almost dark as we were touring these sights, so some of the pictures aren't as good as they could have been if we had arrived earlier in the day.

The Chi Nan Temple complex is Taoist and was constructed beginning in 1882.

It was a very serene stop on our limited tour of Taiwan.

Some temple architecture
A long covered walkway coursing through the temple site
An interior/exterior view
Looking out toward Taipei
Flowers and food for the Gods
Interior view of the shrine
Exterior shot with Valerie at the wall
Dragons guarding an incense pot
More offerings
Murphy admiring a waterfall
Buddha among the waters
Valerie and Murphy at the temple
Large carved elephant
A pair of happy Buddhas

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