Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Olive at the Pineapple Factory

by Pa Rock
Outside of Pineapple Factory - with Olive
refusing to look at the camera!
Proud Grandpa

We stopped at the Pineapple Factory on our way back from Ocean Expo Park.  The Pineapple Factory  contains a small outdoor pineapple plantation, and adjacent buildings where pineapple wine and various pineapple cakes, cookies, jams, and candies are made.  We rode through the plantation in a little pineapple car that drove itself, and then walked through all of the shops sampling the wares.

The final two pictures are of Olive in a high chair at a Japanese restaurant near where I live.

Let me drive!  Let me drive!
A pineapple car ahead of us
Pineapple plants
Heed the signs!
A really big pineapple!
Everywhere I go there's a different highchair!
Orion beer, please.  My Grandpa's paying.

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