Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Olive Visits Some Small Islands

Along the waterfront on Henza Island
by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

There are four small islands on the Pacific side of Okinawa that are accessible by bridges.  Today we visited each of the four.  Baby Olive and her parents got to cool their heels in the pristine Pacific, and we also had a really good meal at restaurant called Nuch-Masu which was connected to a salt factory.  (There are stores on Okinawa that sell many varieties of salt, and I have even had some wonderful salt ice cream.)

Older Japanese women loved Baby Olive - everywhere
we went!
The islands that we visited today were Henza, Hamahiga, Miyagi, and Ikei.  The sun was shining and the day was beautiful!

Let me hold that baby!
Mama took her shoes off!
My bath is wet too.  What's the big deal?
Hold me, Daddy.  That water's cold!
Hey, Mama.  Look at all those shells!
Ah, a little shade!
Daddy bought Doritos at the beach.  He called them
The primary purpose of this beach bus appeared to be
to shade the big dog that was sleeping under it!
That's where Daddy bought the Japanitos!
Two more Japanese women ogling Baby Olive.  These
young ladies were vacationing from Tokyo.
At the Nuch-Masu Restaurant and Salt Factory
on Miyagi Island.
Restaurant manager holds Olive.
Scenic overlook outside of restaurant
Pacific Ocean from overlook
Let me have some of that hair!

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