Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Olive at Churami Aquarium

Getting strapped in!
by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

April 9, 2012, found the traveling Macy's at Ocean Expo Park on Okinawa where we visited the beautiful Churami Aquarium, one of the finest in the world, followed by a tour of the lush Arboretum, a plant lover's dream - and Erin is a plant lover!

This first set of pictures is of our walk through the Aquarium and its grounds.   When we arrived at the park, we discovered that we had inadvertently left Olive's stroller back at my apartment, so the first picture is of a couple of very nice Japanese ladies fitting Olive into a free loaner stroller.  Baby Olive was a hit everywhere she went!

Floral displays everywhere!
Erin watching a school of colorful fish
Pose with the fishes!
Olive with Pa Rock
Erin and Olive watch the fish
Diver checking on a distressed wray
Olive and her daddy
Ie Shima Island in the distance.  Pa Rock has climbed
that mountain!
Kansas City Macy's on the grounds of
Ocean Expo Park on Okinawa

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