Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting Set Up

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

A car tomorrow, a home on Friday!

I shipped two loads of stuff from Arizona:  a small one with an air mattress, bedding, kitchen stuff, and a few other nice-to-haves, and a big one that had everything else that would join me on Okinawa.  The small load is here and will be delivered Saturday.  (That means that I am off to the BX tonight to get a sleeping bag so that I have something to sleep on Friday night.)  My cable will also be hooked up on Saturday.

The big disappointment is that it will take ten days or so to get the Internet set up.  That means that there will probably be a break in the blogs - unless I can manage to get it done at some Internet cafe on base, such as the USO.  Expect some gaps.

The skies were blue again today - finally, but it was very humid.  The weather is so different from Phoenix - and yes, I prefer the humidity to the desert's "dry" heat!

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