Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Walk to the Beach

Serenity by the Sea
by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

This afternoon, following a day of laborious and monotonous unpacking, I gathered up my camera and a bag of cracker jacks and headed to the beach.   Along the way I met up with Bob, the bob-tailed cat that scrounges around the local restaurants.  He let me pet him so that he could get close enough to investigate what I was eating.  He chased a cracker jack down the sidewalk - it was fun to play with, but didn't ring his dinner bell!

Food Advertisement in Front of a Cafe
The tide was out, and the beach was quiet - almost serene.  A young Okinawan man was walking along the railing of the bridge that serves as an entryway of sorts to the sea.  I snapped a picture of him from a distance.  When I actually got up on the bridge, he was sitting in a folded position on the railing, contemplating life.  I chose not to be rude and snap another picture - which is a pity, because it would have been a great one!

An American family was walking along the shore hunting crabs, and two older Okinawans were sitting on the seawall fishing.   There were a few people swimming further on down the beach.

Shortly after arriving back at home, one of the Captains in my unit called and said that a typhoon is bearing down on Okinawa and could arrive tomorrow.  It might also just turn into a summer storm.  He told me to get prepared.  (I have plenty of groceries and books.  What else is there?)  The Captain told me that my friend from yesterday's medical drama is still in the hospital - ICU - and hopes to be released tomorrow.  (If the typhoon is coming, he needs to stay right there and let the staff wait on him!)

Araha Beach
Be sure to check back tomorrow for the typhoon update.

Island life!

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