Thursday, August 5, 2010

More on the Housing Hunt

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer
My housing agent, Marianne, showed me two more places today, one of which was very nice and one that wasn't. Then I asked her to drive me back by the Clampett Estate - the tenth floor wonder that I talked about yesterday.

The places that are close to the Sunabe Sea Wall, where I should live, are very nice, but so far they all seem so hemmed in. Most of the windows feature views of other houses or apartment buildings. And the sea breeze in non-existent due to all of the structures. The Clampett, on the other hand, is ten stories up, has a commanding view of the East China Sea, and the breezes are constant.

Did I mention that it has a wonderfully wide balcony that stretches across the entire front of the apartment - with plenty of room for a nice patio set, a barbecue smoker, and maybe even a telescope?

Speaking of telescopes, I did learn today that there are actually several "love motels" in the surrounding vicinity - and Marianne says that their lights are really pretty at night!

My decision is close - probably tomorrow - and I am definitely leaning toward the Clampett. Somebody needs to talk me down!

Regardless of that drama, I am also going to buy a used car this weekend so that I can quit taking advantage of my friends.

Okinawa is starting to feel like home!

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