Thursday, August 19, 2010

Service, Okinawan Style

by Pa Rock
Cultural Observer

The good news is that I stayed calm.

I came home early so that the Internet provider could come into my apartment and hook up the modem for my Internet service.  I had already been told that he would get the connection into the apartment, and I would have to program the computer in order to get the service started.  Moments before I left my office to head home, the company emailed me sparse instructions of how to accomplish that procedure.

Of course the technician who came to install the modem spoke absolutely no English, absolutely no English!  I expected that.  I also expected that he would show me which end of the cord to plug in where.  Actually, my most basic expectation was that there would be a cord.  There wasn't.

So this evening I am headed to the PX at Camp Foster in hopes of figuring out what I need to connect the computer to the modem.  Just about all of the employees at the PX are Okinawan also, but most of them know enough English to sell a rube something!

God knows what I will come home with!

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