Tuesday, August 17, 2010


by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

My stuff is here - and there, and everywhere!  My goal is to unpack two boxes a day until the whole mess is put away.  So far the only casualty is my CD rack, a cheap piece of crap that I should have given away while I was still in the states.  It took some serious talking on my part to get the movers to take it away with them when they left.

I found out that my Internet will be hooked up on Thursday afternoon.  Apparently the people who install  the connection won't actually hook up the computer, but a nice Okinawan kid (When seeking help with computers, one always has to deal with a "kid!") told me that he would email easy-to-follow instructions.  Color me skeptical!

Driving seems to be becoming easier, and I have finally mastered where to turn off to get on base, and where to turn off to get into my neighborhood.  Little victories!

My apartment house is solid, so when the great Tsunami of 2012 hits, I will be sitting on the balcony fishing!  (If I happen to be home at the time - otherwise I'll be swimming!)

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