Friday, August 13, 2010

Saturday Evening with the Marines

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

It feels like I have been learning to drive all over again today.  It has been a constant struggle, but, for the most part, I have managed to keep my hiney on the  liney!

I moved from Kadena to the city of Chatan this afternoon and have managed to lug all of my worldly possessions, at least those that are here on Okinawa with me, upstairs to the new apartment.  Tonight I will bed down on the floor in a sleeping bag - but my comfortable bed will be here in just two days!

After unpacking and sorting, I drove over to Camp Foster to find the PX and pick up a few necessities - like a towel and a shower curtain.  Later I found their Internet cafe  It is at a food court called "The Spot."  Camp Foster is just across Highway 58 from my apartment.  It has a PX, commissary, and even a movie theatre.  There is also a branch of my bank here.

More tomorrow...hopefully...when I get out and explore my new neighborhood on foot.

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