Friday, November 12, 2010

Lester Naval Hospital

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Back in the day Lester Naval Hospital was known as Camp Kue Army Hospital, but a lot has changed since the first time I lived on Okinawa in the early 1970's.  Somewhere along the line the Navy took possession of the hospital, and it now serves as the primary source of medical care for most Americans on the island.  Plans are in the works to build a new military hospital at Camp Foster, and when it is complete in a couple of years, Lester will probably be razed or handed over to the government of Japan.

My oldest son, Nick, was born at Camp Kue Hospital on July 24th, 1973.  Today babies are still delivered there, on the fifth floor, in the same room where Nick entered this world.

The attached pictures were taken today.


  1. You might want to doublecheck the name. It's Kuwae, I think. That's the name of the preschool up the hill next to the chapel and the mail room.

    1. Yes, they changed the spelling (as well as that of many other facilities) sometime after we left there in 1974.