Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twittering Okinawa

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

I've had a Twitter account for about a year (@PaRock), and in that time have authored about 1,500 tweets.  I enjoy the challenge of trying to pack my outbursts into 140 characters or less.  I currently follow forty-seven individuals on Twitter, and have ninety-four who follow me.  Some of those I follow are old friends and others are just people whom I have run across on Twitter and found to be interesting.

Last night I received a notice that I was being followed by a Twitter user named "okinawa2go_en".  I checked the site out, found them to be an information resource about the island of Okinawa, and decided to become a follower of that site.  Today I have received several tweets providing useful knowledge about the island.

The site informed me that today's yen rate is eighty-one to the dollar - that is an improvement of two yen over last week.  I learned that  the package of dried pastry that I bought a few weeks ago is called "sa-ta-andagi," Okinawan fried doughnuts that are much better when served warm just out of the fryer. There was also a mention of a popular lunch item called "umi-budou don" or sea grapes on rice, as well as information regarding a local festival.

I'm glad that I stumbled across this local resource. It will help me to learn more about my island home.

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