Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long Weekend

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

This evening is the beginning of a four-day weekend for me.  I can't travel too far from my home because I am "on call" and have to be within cell phone reach of the base.  One of my errands will be to visit some of the junk shops located a few miles south of where I live.  There are a series of stores specializing in used furniture and merchandise, sort of like American flea markets, that stretch for several blocks along Highway 58.  I have company joining me in January and am in the process of getting a room ready.  To that end, I am searching for a chest of drawers.  I will also visit Lester Naval Hospital on Friday in a quest to get on their rolls for medical care.

And, if this long weekend is graced with some sunshine, a walk along the beach will be in order!

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