Saturday, November 27, 2010

More From Busan

by Pa Rock
View from atop the Tour Bus
World Traveler

Busan is a coastal city of 3.6 million very busy people.   It is the largest port in South Korea, and, according to my friends at Wikipedia, the fifth largest port in the world.  Our side trip to Busan was primarily a bus tour of the city, interrupted by a side trip to a Buddhist temple.  I packed light for the day, taking only a windbreaker to keep me warm -  big mistake!   The afternoon portion of our tour was atop an open-air tourist.  By the time we finally got back to Busan Station, I was freezing!  Kelly and Murphy went out for one final hour of competitive shopping while I hunkered down in the train station trying to get my blood to resume circulating!

Busan is a very beautiful metropolis with many high rise buildings and fantastic beaches and ocean vistas.
Busan Skyscraper
Busan Beach and a Bridge

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