Monday, November 8, 2010

Of Course the Weather Was Nice Today!

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

The rain has left the island, which was to be expected because the weekend is over.  It was so nice that I had lunch in my car with the windows down, and read for an hour.  Very relaxing!

One of our group planning on going to Korea ran into a snag today.  United Airlines spelled her last name wrong - by one letter - and now they want three hundred dollars to correct their error.  Bastards!  The airlines have become very, very picky since George Bush rushed his Saudi buddies out of the U.S. immediately following 9/11, and then declared war on the rest of America's air travelers.  My friend doesn't want to tithe an extra $300 to United, and I don't blame her.

My ticket is fine.  They wouldn't dare misspell "George Clooney!"

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