Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It was a beautiful day on my island home, and I managed to spend at least some of the day away from my apartment.  I began with a necessary trip to Gunner's Fitness Center where I worked up a good sweat on the treadmill.  As I was leaving I followed a young marine out the door who, as he stepped outside, immediately lit up a cigarette.  An hour in the gym followed by a satisfying smoke - yeah, that makes sense - if you're twenty!

After my tortured time on the treadmill, I got a coke on ice and then headed off down Highway 58 trying to find the section of flea markets that I mentioned here last night.  I was able to locate the stores with no problem, but couldn't find a place to park.  Parking on Okinawa is an art.  There are never enough spaces, and what few are available are cramped and in places that are almost inaccessible by car!  I spotted a couple of parking spaces, but using them would have necessitated backing out onto Highway 58 when I was ready to leave - not a sane prospect!

The flea markets appear to be about a one-hour walk from where I live, so if tomorrow is this nice, that may be how I get my exercise.  Then, in the event that I find a chest of drawers, I guess I can walk home with it strapped to my back!  Talk about a good aerobic workout!

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