Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another Fizzle

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Mike's Tex Mex - One of My Neighbors
The current attempt at a typhoon has fizzled.  Oh, it's been cloudy, dreary, and even rainy, but the winds just never materialized.   In fact, it has only rained twice today, both times when I happened to be out puttering around the island.  The last I heard, this "typhoon" which never even garnered a name, has been downgraded to a "tropical storm."

Friends and I were going to an Okinawan drum festival tonight, but it has been kicked back one week due to the unpredictable weather.

Ishigawa Kitchen - Another of My Neighbors
(Note Their Matching Scooter!)
I spent today nesting.  All of the drapes are up, and that has left my apartment feeling much more private and restful.  Next comes the rugs!

I also bought a television for my study that's only purpose will be to play the DVDs that I brought from the states.  I bought several series before relocating to Asia - including Hamish Macbeth, Tales of the Gold Monkey, BBC's Sherlock Holmes, Jeeves and Wooster, and Northern Exposure.  They will go a long way in supplementing the crappy local channels.

I got a lot of stuff put away today, and could be ready for visitors in just a couple of days.  Come see me!

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